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    Red Faction Collection Steam CD Key

    Red Faction


    JOIN THE REVOLUTION! Lured to Mars by the Ultor Corporation's promise of a better life, thousands have come to seek their fortune and work for the massive mining company. But all is not as it seems. A deadly plague is sweeping through the barracks, and miners suffer daily abuse at the hands of the Ultor guards. Is a revolution on the horizon? Red Faction revolutionizes gaming with Geo-Mod technology, the ability to completely alter and destroy the environment in real-time. Featuring 5 controllable vehicles, 15 weapons of mass destruction, unparalleled multiplayer action, and a setting on Mars in the midst of a deadly plague and rebellion, Red Faction sets the gold standard in gaming! Geo-Mod technology — the only FPS with real-time, arbitrary geometry modification Unparalleled multiplayer action, with Geo-Mod specific strategies Advanced physics simulation – supports falling geometry, particles and liquid Five land, sea and air vehicles to commandeer and control A compelling storyline across 20 diverse levels Stealth and action driven objectives Varied environments including natural settings unique to the genre Dynamic, real-time lighting including lightmaps, object shadow casting and more Advanced AI behavior Real-time skeletal deformation and interpolation for silky smooth animations Location-based damage system Multiplayer support for LAN and TCP-IP (up to 32 players)

    Activation details

     1. Go to: http://store.steampowered.com/ and download STEAM client.
    2. Click "Install Steam" (from the upper right corner)
     Download Steam
    3. Install and start application, login with your Account name and Password (create one if you don't have).
    4. Please follow these instructions to activate a new retail purchase on Steam:

        Launch Steam and log into your Steam account.
        Click the Games Menu.
        Choose Activate a Product on Steam...
        Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.




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