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    Final Fight: Double Impact US PS3 CD Key

    Final Fight: Double Impact

    Age rating
    PEGI 16
    Metacritic score
    Regional limitations
    United States
    Proper Games
    Adventure Casual Platformer RPG
    PlayStation 3


    The arcade version of Final Fight was released in a two-in-one bundle titled Final Fight: Double Impact, alongside the arcade game Magic Sword, released digitally for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Added features include various graphic filters, including an arcade cabinet view, online drop-in multiplayer, an arranged soundtrack composed by Simon Viklund (who worked on Bionic Commando Rearmed), and extra content such as concept art, Street Fighter comic pages featuring Final Fight characters, and the "Final Fight" episode of the Street Fighter animated series, which are unlocked by completing certain in-game challenges.

    Activation details

    In order to redeem Playstation Network Code please follow instruction below:

    Go to http://www.SonyEntertainmentNetwork.com

    Click "Manage Account" and sign in with your Sign-In ID(E-mail Address) and Password.

    Click on "Redeem Prepaid Card".

    Enter the code printed on the voucher or PlayStation Network Card and click "Continue".

    If the code is valid, you will be presented with a description of what the code will deliver to your account.

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